Consistency over Intensity

Be it yoga or meditation -- the best way to make a new habit stick is to do it consistently. We believe that doing something with intensity will make the habit stick, but unfortunately we'll always end up failing.

And I'm speaking from experience. I would set these grand plans of working out for an hour a day or meditating for an hour thinking that I needed to go big with these new habits. And I would always fail within 2-3 days. It set me back because I would then beat myself up for not being able to stick to my goals. But it wasn't until I started small - 5-10 minutes a day, that I noticed some changes. It was the act of starting small and consistently doing the habit - be it practicing yoga or working out, that allowed me to see some changes in my emotional, physical and mental health.

It's so easy to say I'll take one long yoga class (60-90 minutes) once a week, but it's so much better to consistently do a 10-minute yoga session daily. It is so much easier to get a habit to stick or to make changes when you do it daily.

Experts have proven the benefits of starting small. In order to make a habit stick, you must start small and have less friction. Making drastic changes rarely works. It is only when small changes are made consistently, will you actually see a change in your life.

As you start to think of your new years goals/resolutions, you'll keep this in mind - consistency over intensity!

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