5 tips for brand new yoga teachers

I've been a yoga teacher for over 5 years. During this time, I've seen a lot of new teachers come and go. I've learned a lot from experienced teachers and I've shared some things with newer teachers. Here are my top 5 tips for brand new yoga teachers.

  1. Prepare - be prepared for your classes. Plan out your sequence ahead of time. Even if you're teaching your friends and family, you should have a sequence planned out. Write/print it out and bring it with you to class. If you forget your next pose, take a breath and take a peak at the sequence and continue. Also, people can tell when a teacher is prepared vs. when the teacher is making up the sequence on the fly.

  2. Teach what you know - if Bird of Paradise is not part of your practice yet, don't teach it. Stick to what you know and that could be simple poses like Warrior 2, Triangle, Side Angle, etc. This way if you need to demonstrate a post, you can easily do that.

  3. Teach more - I've become a better yoga teacher from teaching more classes not from taking more yoga teacher training. My advice is once you've completed your 200 hour teacher training, find your friends and family members and teach them. Not only will they be supportive and provide critical feedback, they'll help you in improving your confidence.

  4. Be you - or at least try to be more you (esp. in the beginning). You may love a particular super outgoing and popular yoga teacher, but you're an introvert; don't try to be overly chatty and outgoing to be like that popular teacher. Be you so you can attract students who love the introverted teacher that you are!

  5. Limit the adjustments - I usually only physically adjust students if they are so out of alignment, that they could end up hurting themselves. Most adjustments could be made by giving proper alignment cues. And once students become regular and there's a rapport with them, then I'll be more inclined to physically adjustment them. So, don't unnecessarily touch people and limit the number of adjustments, especially when you're a brand new teacher.

Are there any other tips that have been very valuable to you as a new yoga teacher? If so, please share them in the comments below.

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